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Oven and BBQ Cleaning Melbourne

Prices start from $60

It is very important to have your oven cleaned regularly by professionals as this helps in preventions of fire accident, enhancing oven efficiency, reduced energy consumption, prolonged appliance life expectancy and avoid burnt taste.

How does it work

The technicians will arrive promptly at your premises anywhere in Melbourne and inspect your oven. Depending on the alloy the chamber of your oven is made of, a different type of detergent may need to be applied. The oven cleaning experts dismantle the cooker into its individual parts (those that can be removed), which are, then, cleaned separately with appropriate products. The oven chamber is degreased, and all carbon deposits are scraped off. Great care is taken, so all hidden places near the electrical elements are reached and cleaned. The appliance is then wiped and polished inside and outside, including the stove top, hobs, dials, knobs and fittings. All the racks and trays are placed back, too.

Seasonal Barbecue Cleaning and Maintenance

đ×ur experienced BBQ cleaning experts provide hygienic, safe and thorough barbecue cleaning and servicing, suitable for all models and makes.

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