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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Prices start from $30

Whether you are moving houses or need a spring clean, carpet cleaning is an important part of it. Carpets adorn the floors of your house, making it look appealing as well as keeping you cosy. Your pets love to make it their abode due to the warmth. Despite all these comforts, with daily use, carpets tend to get dirty and stained. Accidents such as food spills, sick kids or pets are bound to happen. Moreover, accumulation of dust and dust mites leads to bacteria and allergies, that can cause health issues. Also, it can lose its charm within few years.

Consider professional carpet cleaning as part of your vacate/end of lease clean. Similarly, if you are up for a house inspection, importance of clean carpets can’t be overlooked.

Our carpet cleaning machine goes into the thickest layers of your carpet and gives it a deep clean. Hiring professionals is not just wise but also an economical choice as well. Our service is aimed to give your carpet a deep clean every time to choose us. We use hot water extraction method proven to clean carpets. Our Carpet Cleaning process involves a thorough removal of soil, dirt, mould and bacteria along with any light stains.  We Use top of the range Carpet Cleaning Chemicals & equipment.

Note: We also provide Sofa, Rugs and Mattress cleaning at a very affordable price

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