Residential Rubbish Removal Melbourne


Is there rubbish piling up at your home and destroying the aesthetics of your property? Running out of space due to the accumulation of huge household junk? High Power Cleaners and Removers can relieve your stress once and for all. We provide fast, efficient and unmatched residential rubbish removal in Ascot Vale at a budgeted package.

Whether you are relocating to a new property or want to dispose your daily household junk items, we can assist you with an organised and systematic collection of garbage including distorted furniture, old bedding, damaged fittings and other rubbish removal services. We have partnered with top garbage processing companies and ensure your household junks are disposed in a correct manner. This includes recycling steels, plastics, deconstructed chairs and bed frames for re-use.


General Rubbish Collection and Decluttering

Collecting and sorting daily rubbish is a part of our domestic rubbish removal in Ascot Vale, which includes collection of household junks from old boxes, containers, broken items irrespective of their shape and size.

Distorted Furniture and Fittings

Removing furniture and disassembled fittings is not a child’s play as these items are heavy and too large to handle. Our core team of proficient furniture removalists can lift and load items like tables, chairs, sofa, beds and other items into trucks and dispose them in an eco-friendly manner.

Garden Waste Disposal

If there is a pile of garden waste, you don’t have to leave it in your yard to decompose for weeks. A heap of dirt not only looks unsightly and eat up space but destroys your grass, delicate shrubs and plants. Our dedicated rubbish removal team removes a variety of garden waste from logs to yard trimmings to fallen leaves and make sure it can be recycled and put to some use.

Decluttering Unused Appliances

Household appliances like micro ovens, fridge, dishwashers, washing machines are too heavy to remove single-handedly. We are equipped with high-powered equipment that can load whitegoods and household appliances easily and dispose them effortlessly.


We are a professional team offering environment-friendly rubbish removal that can keep you out of the headache of paying fines or penalties for incorrect rubbish disposal.

Whether it’s from your home or apartment or duplexes, we collect and dispose all your household garbage without being too disruptive to your neighbour.

Experience seamless residential rubbish removal services with us. Our licensed professionals will assist you with hassle-free removal of appliances, furniture, daily garbage at a competitive price. Our rubbish removal experts are awaiting your call. Call us today and get a quote for FREE!!!!

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