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Deceased estate rubbish removal

Prices start from $200

Losing a family member can be a traumatic experience that can be made harder if you need to clear out the house you stayed in together. Highpower Cleaners and removers can help you clean up these estates. We are experienced in deceased estate clean ups, and we know how to treat unattended estate and prepare it for sale, lease or rent.

Deceased estate furniture removal and cleaning will be taken care by our dedicated team of professionals. Our team members take care in the complete removal of all furniture, clothing, mattresses and general rubbish from the property. We also arrange for donating items to charity. We offer cleaning services too, hence we can clean the property after removal and save you the stress of hiring different companies. Our team of professionals make sure that job is done up to the best possible standards and your property is ready for sale, lease or rent. For us no job is too big or too small.

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