Cleaning tips to prevent spreading Covid-19

Cleaning tips to prevent spreading Covid-19

Date 27.07.2020   Published by: admin

All we read now is about Covid-19, we are scared and in a vulnerable situation where the spread seems unstoppable without a vaccine. Where most of the country’s best minds are behind building one, we need to be careful enough to survive this pandemic.

Besides, unlocking period has begun and people are travelling due to immediate work demands, so staying safe and clean is an important part of survival today.

Due to lockdown and restrictions, a professional cleaning company in Melbourne may not be easily available but for the time being, we got house cleaning tips to stay safe from Covid-19.

a) To begin with think about the most touched areas in your home which are mostly doorknobs, kitchen counter, switches, faucets etc. experts say the coronavirus can live on wood up to a day and longer on stainless steels and plastic.

b) As we are trying to lessen the spread of this virus simple cleaning won’t help, first cleaning and then disinfecting should be your ideal move. Once you are done with dusting, you can use soap water to clean the surface thoroughly else make a bleach-based solution with at least 70% alcohol content is good enough, to begin with. Till date, the disinfection cleaning company that sanitizes house in Melbourne use high alcohol-based solutions and these are said to be effective.

c) Now when we are talking about cleaning, we can’t use the solution on electronic devices. And today electronics like computers, mobiles, laptops, television remotes are the most basic need as well as most touched objects that make it a threatening spot. So, consider using a wipeable cover, the better option would be using alcohol-based mist spray or wipes for keeping the devices safe and disinfected.

d) By trying to stay safe, staying indoor is a sensible choice and much appreciated but we need grocery and other things for that either we need to step outside or get it delivered. Professional cleaning company in Melbourne suggests whenever you’re getting online deliveries to make sure you sanitize them properly. Even when you enter your home don’t walk inside with your shoes on.

e) Being careful doesn’t hurt but even a bit of miss may open the door to this deadly virus. Then again there is a major difference in cleaning and disinfecting, booking disinfection cleaning company that sanitizes house in Melbourne is a safe bet.

With a hope for better tomorrow, we got to stay home and prevent the spread of Covid-19 until then try to disinfect everything you touch or in use.


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